Water damage carpet restoration in Melbourne

Looking to dry wet carpet in a flooded basement? or Looking to dry or clean your flood damaged carpet in Melbourne? "Water+damage+carpet+restoration+in+Melbourne" professional flood damage restoration company providing 24 hours of emergency cleaning and "Water+damage+carpet+restoration+in+Melbourne". We provide immediate service and act promptly to get your water damage carpet drying, so your floor isn’t completely ruined.

Our IICRC certified experts have more than 15 years of experience in restoring "
Water+damage+carpet+restoration+in+Melbourne" using specialized water extraction equipment for drying wet carpets. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we will be able to restore your floors and get your flood damage carpet drying quicker than ever.

Water damage carpet restoration Service

With Melbourne’s extreme weather conditions, "Water+damage+carpet+restoration+in+Melbourne" can be a common problem in residential and commercial properties.

Especially, when damage is connected with more complex kinds of damages like washing machine leaks, hot water system, toilet back-flow, broken pipes or damaged plumbing, weather disasters like heavy rains, storm, flash floods, and so on. So, if you want to dry wet carpet, it is best that you hire professional and a fully insured Water damage carpet restoration in Melbourne.

Water damage carpet restoration in Melbourne - Our Professional flooded carpet drying and cleaning services include the following steps :

  • Extracting water using strong vacuum machines

  • Carrying out a thorough cleaning of the flooded carpet

  • Dry and dehumidify the wet carpet using advanced drying equipment

  • Handle carpets for water stains developed due to water leakage

  • Steam clean and aromatize carpet on completion of the restoration

IICRC Certified Cleaners - "Water+damage+carpet+restoration+in+Melbourne"

IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. It is a certification program and set of standards to facilitate the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries. The idea is to protect not only the interests of consumers but also professionals in these industries. All the restoration experts at Water damage carpet restoration in Melbourne are IICRC certified. This certification sets our team up for success, by helping them deliver high-quality results and instills a certain level of trust in our customer base. We are also a fully insured flooded damage carpet drying company and a member of the Restoration Industries Association.

So, when you choose a Water damage carpet restoration in Melbourne company with IICRC credentials, you can rest assured that the company will :

  • Provide precise information to homeowners and uphold honest business practices

  • Operate with operational competency and excellence

  • Employ industry best practices when handling property damage situations

  • Mandate a curriculum of continuing training from IICRC to keep technicians well-informed about all latest advancements

  • Carry adequate liability insurance to cover all parties in case of an on-site accident.

  • Maintain a formal complaint procedure and submit to consumer organization in case of disputes

Our team of professional technicians are available for emergency carpet cleaning and drying and can reach within 1 hour anywhere in Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

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